Microsoft Mesh:
The new way to collaborate at work

The onset of COVID-19 has pushed us into finding new ways to stay connected. It has amped up the influence of Zoom and Google Meet into our personal and professional lives. It had also made us find new ways to emulate human closeness and connection across distances. Amidst this, Microsoft has announced a revolutionary way to connect with people over the globe on a new platform called Microsoft Mesh.

What is Microsoft Mesh?

Microsoft Mesh is a cloud-based Virtual Reality platform that enables mixed reality experiences. Mesh is set to eventually bring about what Microsoft terms 'holoportation' - helping people appear as themselves in a virtual space.

How can Microsoft Mesh be used?

With Microsoft Mesh, people can work together on a common platform in real-time through VR-enabled avatars. For example, medical students can learn and work on a virtual model of a body by zooming in and delving deeper within. Another great example of the usage of Microsoft Mesh is the automobile industry where engineers can design or work on a model of a vehicle collectively. Mesh adds a new dimension to collaborating and is already attracting businesses due to its immersive experience.

How will Microsoft Mesh transform workplaces?

Microsoft Mesh is being hailed as the next breakthrough in technology that facilitates collaboration. It is being projected as the next update to Microsoft Teams and might become the new way in which teams work and hold meetings all over the world.

Currently, Microsoft is only enabled on certain VR headsets. However, Microsoft plans to configure it to work on mobiles, laptops and tablets in the future. The tech giant truly believes Microsoft Mesh is the next big thing in mixed reality and is working to making it a part of the way we work in the near future.

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