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What is Design Thinking? How can it help your brand?

Brands need to constantly evolve to keep up with the rising demands of their consumers. Especially when it comes to their digital presence. Through Design Thinking, brands can expertly solve a problem a customer might face before launching a product. Or a brand can better their existing products using the power of Design Thinking. While Design Thinking is key when it comes to products and services, it proves to be of utmost use while creating user journeys for websites, apps and software. Because without a user-centric approach on these digital platforms, a business will not be able to make a sale online.

Amazon logo change

Here’s what Amazon’s new app logo teaches about UX and marketing

Recently Amazon caused a stir by changing its app logo. The e-commerce giant made headlines with its new logo and had to change it immediately after. This fiasco was full of learnings. Not just for Amazon but also for UX and marketing professionals. This guide will help you understand why Amazon had to change its new app logo immediately after its launch and delve into key insights that can be taken away from the ordeal.

UX Design blog

A quick guide to Service Design

Design shapes our world in numerous shapes and forms. Different types of design dictate how we interact with products and services. While many forms of design deal with enticing the consumer and improving the product or service, there is a type of design that deals with improving customer experience. This type is known as Service Design. This guide will help you understand what Service Design is, how it is different from other forms of design and how it can help your brand.

UX Design blog

Microsoft Mesh: The new way to collaborate at work

With Microsoft Mesh, people can work together on a common platform in real-time through VR-enabled avatars. For example, medical students can learn and work on a virtual model of a body by zooming in and delving deeper within. Another great example of the usage of Microsoft Mesh is the automobile industry where engineers can design or work on a model of a vehicle collectively. Mesh adds a new dimension to collaborating and is already attracting businesses due to its immersive experience.

UX Design blog

Web Development trends 2021

Social media marketing has become the need of the hour for every brand. With social media marketing companies popping up at every corner, it can be tough to break the clutter and make your brand stand out online. Simply posting content is not enough. Your creatives need to follow a plan. This is where your social media marketing strategy can make all the difference. There are several factors that affect the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy. Here's how you can use them to create a winning social media marketing strategy in 2021.

UX Design blog

social media strategy 2021

There's no denying in 2021 that digital sales have taken off. The pandemic has caused people to quarantine and shop online. As a result, brands and their websites are competing for clicks, leads and sales. Due to this, every brand is sharpening its SEO to outrank its competitors. One way by which brands are banking on their website SEO is by banking on SEO trends. Here are the top 5 SEO trends that will impact website traffic in 2021.

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